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Isatis Danesh Tajhiz

Research and study of biology and technology

Isatis Danesh Tajhiz Company, with enthusiasm and reliance on the genius, knowledge, and efforts of the national graduates of I.R. Iran, has started its activity in the field of research in various fields. By using innovative science, national effort and identifying the issues raised from industry has taken steps to improve the level of applicability of science to industry of the country by planning various programs. We are proud to move in the direction of the latest scientific and research technologies in the production of knowledge-based products to turn this company into a value-added company for our nation. Our goal is to build a brighter tomorrow for the future of our beloved country and we always do our best to fulfill this mission and promote it

The scope of activities


The programming team facilitates users to communicate with the program by developing applications under Windows and developing simple and professional user interfaces. Areas of programming include web programming, C # programming, and Python programming have been covered by our team.


This section focuses on leading biotechnology in the implementation of new and innovative ideas. In this regard, it has formed an experienced team in interdisciplinary sciences. The company is active in all areas of biology, including diagnosis, production of dietary supplements, cosmetics and so on…


In order to create a suitable environment for effective and online monitoring of water supply and hydraulic systems, as well as creating a favorable environment in the aquarium, a mechanical system has been designed and used to create a suitable capacity to control the flow of water at a constant flow in the aquarium environment.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models used in computer systems that benefit from patterns and inferences to perform tasks instead of using explicit instructions. As a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms create a mathematical model based on sample data or "training data" for predicting or making decisions without obvious planning.


Fish Toximeter

Online detection of water pollution by analyzing the behavior of fish

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